Making Casino Royale

As a reply to the amazing, overwhelming, response to Lego Casino Royale. I thought I would write a short item to cover off a few things.


Who/What is Bricktease?

I am Batman, I mean, Bricktease. There is only one of me, I am not a team or group. Though I am supported and assisted by my amazing parents (who allow a 26 year old to still live in their house!) and my incredible friends.

I am also building a network of friends and fans throughout the world, so that makes you also part of Bricktease.

And I would also like to say super awesome thank you so much to everyone for all of your comments and replies. You have really made my day/week/year/life.

Where did Bricktease come from?

Last year I was on the Australian TV show “Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight”. Adam was kind enough to screen my Lego remake of the opening titles, and from that show the term “Bricktease” came about.

I have made a bunch of videos, some silly, some serious. I am particuarlly proud of;

How long did it take?

I don’t honestly count. I built the bathroom set about 3 months ago, but realised I was missing some key pieces. So after ordering them and finishing another video, I started work on Casino Royale about 3 weeks ago. I spend a fair bit of time going through the video and working out what scenes and camera angels there are, and plan my work to suit, so I don’t waste any time. I spent about 2 or 3 weeks actually filming, when I had a spare hour or two I would find a short scene or shot and do that.

I find that planning it all out really helps me work quickly and efficiently.

How do I do it?

Practise. If you see some of my very first videos, they are pretty amateur. wobbly camera, dodgy movement of pieces etc… over the last few videos I have been trying to get as smooth as possible. And I still have a long way to go!

No lip synching?

I have a personal preference that I want the videos to be as immersive as possible. So you don’t see anything that isn’t Lego unless you absolutely have to. It is my preference, and nothing wrong with those who do, that having moving lips breaks the illusion. It is really hard to get lips moving that looks realistic, so I am avoiding it for now. But I will one day work out how to do it (and do it well).

How much Lego did you use/do you have?

A lot. I started getting Lego as a kid, but when I became a real adult with a real job, I was able to fund my habit more enthusiastically. Check out the gallery of my storage systems, from a few weeks ago.

Do you have any photos from the set?

Sadly not many, but I will put them up soon.

Do the whole movie!

I would seriously consider it, but I don’t have the space or Lego to do it. If you are really enthusiastic and would actually chip in to make it happen… let me know!

What next?

I have loved the feedback from everyone, especially tips on areas I can improve. I have a plan to make a video a month for this year. I would like to work in dialogue, as I am still rusty on that.

As for the next project, well, I have a few things in mind. It depends on what my time, skills and pieces can support.


If I have one last thing to say, aside from saying THANK YOU!!! It is that if and where you can, nurture and support other people in their endeavors and goals. Give them good feedback and support and share their work.

I’m not done, and if you are reading this Mr Lucas, Mr Speilberg or Mr Jackson… please, I have a free hour in my calendar tomorrow.