Minifig Storage

I have previously posted about how I store my LEGO. Sorted by style, piece, colour, size and so on. My Minifig accessories are also fairly easily sorted, by operation or use, how they are worn or what they are.

However I have not ever had much in the way of storage for my general minfigs. Currently all the ones that are not on display are just lumped into a big box. This makes for an exciting exercise whenever I want to go searching for them. So I have wondered how other people store their bulk minifigs.

What would the best system be? Should ones that are not a complete figure from a set or series be dismantled into their base parts so that it makes it easier for torsos, heads and legs to be matched together when required.

Or should they be put together as a complete minifig, so you can search through more quickly. I am genuinely not sure what the best option is.

I have had some chats with LEGO friends and asked a few groups for how people store theirs. Many use zip lock bags to store ones from same or similar themes, while others have trays dedicated to a theme or style.

I really would appreciate knowing what people think or recommend. I will experiment with a few different techniques and post an update.